Abstract Glass Building

Hey There!

Welcome to THE GREEN INK STUDIO. We present you with timeless reimagination of spaces with the purpose of enhancing belongingness, sustainability and engagement. We provide you with dreams that crops up with an idea, rooted with research, strengthened by user needs and delivered to cater user health and wellness.

All About Us

GREEN, as a color symbolizes freshness of nature and goodness of health, aims to take the users towards a more sustainable and healthy living. We create our focus on creating a never-forgetting spatial experience, crafting them carefully to suit the user needs. 

THE GREEN INK STUDIO is a young architecture and design practice set up with a sole purpose of creating user-centric designs catering to their day-to-day needs in terms of functionality and aesthetics as well as long term needs in terms of health, wellness and sustainability. We provide you with end-to-end design solutions that begins with an idea, goes through the entire chain until its realization. We expertise in Architecture Design, Interior Design and Styling, Landscape Design and Sustainability.


We value our people and our environment, and therefore, creating spaces that reflect an equitable and sustainable future.





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